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Countrywide Moving and Storage Container RentalsCountrywide Moving and Storage provides 20 and 40-foot storage containers for purchase or for rent. Delivery and pickup is provided by Countrywide within a 120 mile radius of Grand Forks.

Containers can be rented on a monthly basis, and yearly discounted rates are available for long-term storage jobs.

Our shipping containers for rent are always in great condition and always wind and water tight. Our fleet consists of both 20 and 40-foot storage containers for rent or for sale.

Renting a storage container is a great idea while trying to store construction equipment, seasonal goods, surplus inventory, and household goods.

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All of our containers are constructed of 14-gauge vertically corrugated galvanized steel, which provides for extreme durability and security.

On top of great craftsmanship all of Countrywide’s storage containers feature:
Double, asymmetrical steel doors with ground-level entry
Heavy-duty, marine-grade wood flooring
Die-stamped steel roof

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Standard uses of rental containers include storage of:

Construction Equipment And Materials
Household Goods
Surplus Inventory
Pre-fabricated Inventory

Manufacturing Equipment
Warehouse Surplus
Seasonal Storage
And More...

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40-foot Containers

Our 40-foot portable storage container is the go to choice for large onsite storage demands. With 320 square feet of ground level storage, the 40-foot box gives you the best value of all our rental products. Be sure to check out our premium line, available with doors on both ends.

Exterior container dimensions: 40’ (L) x 8’ (W) x 8’6” (H)
Interior container dimensions: 39’5” (L) x 7'8” (W) x 7’9” (H)
Max Payload: 58,600 lbs

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20-foot Containers

Countrywide Moving & Storage's 20-foot container provides approximately 160 square feet and 1,250 cubic feet of portable storage space, but only take up the equivalent of one parking space. The 20-foot container is an ISO standard portable storage containers (conex box) and requires no foundations or structural assembly. It is wind and watertight to protect your things from the elements.

Exterior container dimensions: 20' (L) x 8' (W) x 8.5' (H)
Interior container dimensions: 19'4" (L) x 7'8" (W) x 7'9" (H)
Max Payload: 48,325 lbs

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